CircleoffriendsWelcome New Students!!

Below are our intro to nursing for beginners topics.  Browse these categories before you start nursing school and you will get a nice jump start.  You will feel more confident as the terms and concepts won’t be so foreign as you start your college cources.  Come on back when you need a refresher or a little extra help.


These topics take you to quick online reads or videos or interactive games to get you started in your nursing education.  I suggest the article What Do Nurses Do? as your first read.  It’s  a three page article explaining the vast knowledge that nurses must possess and goes into a bit of detail as to what to expect in nursing school.   Nursing is far more then caring and comforting.  Are you up for a challenge?  Please join us in your Student Nurse Journey and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.


Best of luck in school and in your nursing career!




Karen Kearsley, RN